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Why I Created SaveBusinessTime

espree devora

My name is Espree. I built SaveBusinessTime to share the world’s best online business tools because they created such an impact on my business, saving me time and money.  I wanted to share what I found so everyone can discover that amazing solution that I did years ago.  To help with productivity I write blog posts […]

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Best tax calculator to handle your taxes for refunds, incomes and credits

Tax Calculator

Government has become the greatest basic expense that American families face.  According to the Tax Foundation, this year (as in other recent years), Americans will pay more in taxes than they spend on groceries, clothing and shelter combined.  With statistics such as that, who can afford to pay someone to help with their taxes?  Tax […]

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Email Ahhhhhhh! The Best Customer Relationship Management Software

Customer Relationship Management Software

So I wanted to get my relationships in business under control in the most sincere way possible. Thanks to business coaching, I became more personable with clients. However, I still needed a tool for both my business contacts and customer relationship management. I mean it’s such a waste to meet all these awesome people at […]

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