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Why I Created SaveBusinessTime | Save Business Time

Why I Created SaveBusinessTime

My name is Espree. I built SaveBusinessTime to share the world’s best online business tools because they created such an impact on my business, saving me time and money.  I wanted to share what I found so everyone can discover that amazing solution that I did years ago.

 To help with productivity I write blog posts with business software reviews  and make recommendations.

The first web application that really just struck a chord for me was ShoeBoxed. I was paying my assistant to scan all my business cards and receipts and the scans were getting all these errors while using this expensive scanner. Then I even had a team outsourced, logging into my computer in the middle of the night to fix the scanned errors, and then like magic, I found ShoeBoxed, and for nine bucks a month, they scan everything for me, and it’s done. It’s crazy.

So I started documenting all the different kinds of business tools I would find that save me time and money, and now a few years later, I want to bring them all to you. I want this site to be as easy to use as possible. I want it to be a complete time saver, and I want every day to be magic, where you feel like, “Oh my gosh, thank gosh this exists. I don’t know what I would do without it. You saved me so much time.”

I want you to have that feeling. And if you don’t have that feeling, there’s a problem. So please let me know.

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