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Email Ahhhhhhh! The Best Customer Relationship Management Software | Save Business Time

Email Ahhhhhhh! The Best Customer Relationship Management Software

Customer Relationship Management Software

So I wanted to get my relationships in business under control in the most sincere way possible. Thanks to business coaching, I became more personable with clients. However, I still needed a tool for both my business contacts and customer relationship management. I mean it’s such a waste to meet all these awesome people at these business events and mixers only for their emails to get lost in the black hole of my ADD filtered Gmail inbox.

I knew about ZeroMail and I see that as a great tool for reducing the clutter, but I needed a relationship manager.  So I started using Contactually (you get a free month with this link).  Sadly it only took me 6 MONTHS! to seriously start using it after grabbing my fabulous AppScontactually_appsumoumo promo. Sad face. Dabbling doesn’t lead anyone anywhere worth being. So the deal I had already expired and I was now chucking out cash, but if the value is there it’s still really inexpensive to have in my tool belt.  They do have a free plan so I was trying to figure out if the premium version was even worth it.  

Meanwhile as I was clicking around all their neato settings options and stumbled on another Appsumo promo I had got centuries ago, Sanebox.
contactually_sanebox_email I started Googling the benefits of using SB despite that fact I had met one of the Sanebox teammates at an event long before. Sorry Dmitri, but at least I’m a paid user now! 🙂 Anyway, jumping back… I started Googling and stumbled on this post from a blogger over at iPhone Hacks about how after 24 hours Sanebox changed his world. How could I not start using it myself. My day was off to a great start… so far the set up of everything I was doing was one click and done. Super easy peasy… so I logged into my dusty Appsumo account, pressed the next page button a million times passing all the digital products I had purchased and then found SB.  So I quickly signed up only to get da da da I got this horrifying page…

“Currently this single sign-in feature is disabled for the domain mydomain.com”

I thought, ‘no problem, I’m a Google Apps business user so I can just call the telephone support number I have’. Over an hour later there was no progress. They showed me this page and I was like ‘where do I get those URLS and what’s that mean???’ signal_sign_on_sso_googleThen my peeps at Google transferred me to elevated customer support and said I needed an SSO extension and they interrogated me if I was a developer. I confess. No way, I am justa  Wordpress hack. I’m nothing legit to know about SSO and FBI and UFCs. HELP. They show my Chrome Web Store extension land where I need to add an extention and I see to license this extension it’s a grand. WHAT. sso_saneboxThere is no way that blogger over at iPhone Hacks would have been raving about an email tool he had to pay a grand for no matter how bad he wants to GTD  his life. Then just like that I went to the trusty Google one last time and wala, there was my answer on what to do when my screen says “single sign in feature is disabled” for Sanebox… click a very simple link on the error page I’d been starring at forever. But it’s okay, now I was back in action. Except I didn’t know what to make of SB, was it an email clients, web based email, a filtering system, both? So confused.

I’d heard Postbox is amazing and I came across this tweet in my search through the internet oracle telling me to use Post Box and Sanebox together. Ag that must be it. And so I download yet another tool. But hey it’s all gonna save me time later right? I should have remembered that I never even used Thunderbird or Outlook. Postbox was founded by the original team who created Thunderbird. That doesn’t mean I need it though.  Still testing it out…

So in my journey of emails and GTD and filtering and managing my contacts here’s what I’ve found… shortly after signing up for SaneBox my email count went from 1000s to 249. I would have feaked up, but in that blog post I mentioned earlier they talked about how they thought their emails disappeared too and it was just under a filter.  So I am learning these  filters and how it all functions and if I should be using Postbox too. But for now… Contactually is blowing my mind.

So Contactually is really not for ongoing communication.  It’s to spark up conversations with people you haven’t connected with in a while. What I absolutely love is it integrates ALL my zillion account from Facebook to LinkedIn to Twitter to several business email account and gmail accounts…. everything, all in one place = lovely. And I can see what a specific contact in up to. Plus they scrape people contact information from the signatures in emails to update my database. RAD. They are still sorta beta and have some cool features coming out in April 2013 I am looking forward too, but all in all to answer my question I asked myself earlier about Contactually being worth their paid plan rather than just using the freebie one, yea totally worth it…  TBC on the other tools 🙂


customer relationship management

Contactually helps me enhance my business relationships, take notes and assign to dos and be proactive about building sincere connections with people. <3 I love having absolutely all my messaging account from social profiles to email in one place so all my contact conversations are streamlined. It’s awesome easily seeing what each person is up to so that I can engage in a quality chat and even though for months I put off paying attention to their ‘Hey it’s time to follow up with so n so notifications…’ I think now that I have made using this tool a priority that will be one of the most valuable notification I receive. It’s a great tool for both business contacts and customer relationship management.

  • Free and Paid Plans
  • Easily check out contacts social and conversations in one place
  • Easy to use dashboard
  • They auto update people’s contact info from email signatures
  • Attentive customer support

Check out Contactually

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