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FAQ | Save Business Time


 Your Questions, My Answers

What is this site all about?

SaveBusinessTime is a curated site of the best business software aka “time savers” for start ups to save 40 hours per week by using awesome web tools instead of spending time doing mundane tasks.

Who curates it?

I do, Espree Devora. You can cyber stalk me a bit if you like.

What is a time saver?

A “time saver” otherwise known as “business tool” “web app” “web application” “business software” “productivity tool” “life hack” are all simply websites that make business tasks quicker to do.  For instance, say you want to add a caption to a photo to put it on Facebook real quick and you have no idea how to use Photoshop… that’s when you use this site to find Ribbet, a time saver for easy photo editing.

Why did you create SaveBusinessTime?

Two reasons… okay maybe three 🙂

1) As a response to a slew of productivity websites popping up, with no real way to see what was worth anyone’s time

2) It feeds my obsession with web applications

3) I love connecting people. My Mom always says half the world is looking for the other half, they just don’t know how to find them. I’m creating that bridge for people to find one another… I mean that’s what companies are right? – People.

Are the companies listed on here only for start ups?

No, they are great for any business professional. To further explain…since I am passionate about the start up world, as well as having a business online, I thought it would be best to choose a community  to focus on for all the content I create.

So it’s like Yelp?

Actually, no. I don’t believe in negativity so I only feature solid quality business tools and I leave the bad ones to the rest of the internet.

So are you saying if I don’t see a product on SaveBusinessTime then it is bad?

No, not at all… we are doing the best we can to work as quickly as possible to get all the incredible products we have in our personal files onto the public facing system.  Just takes time.

* If you are a founder or developer and want to move to the front of the line and get yours in right away just send us your info here

Do companies pay you for placement?

I want the site to be as unbiased as possible outside of initially vetting them for quality. The only paid placement is the featured section on the homepage. To request to be featured on the homepage you can inquire here  for pricing, but I won’t list or feature any company that isn’t absolutely awesome.  I don’t care how much you offer. Those are the rules – only the absolute best will be on this site.

Would you accept advertising money?

My gut reaction is no, but if you’re Jason Fried I would feature anything 37Signals because everything they make is AH-mazing.

I have a start up that would be perfect on here. Think you’ll really like it… Can you check it out?

Sure, submit your company info here

Can I interview you for my blog?

Sure, contact me here

Are you on Facebook or Twitter?

Yup, here’s my personal twitter @espreedevora where I share everything from my favorite sneakers and here’s the @savebiztime one dedicated to nerd chatter

The Facebook page is brand shiny new,  here it is.  If you “like” the page and let me know I will send you a secret thank you surprise 🙂

What do you use to host all your videos?

A combo of YouTube and LeadPlayer. LP is awesome. I definitely suggest trying it out. Here’s an interview I did with the founder.

How do you make money?

Some of the time savers listed have what’s called “affiliate links” where I get a commission if you purchase that product.  However it’s very important to know that I absolutely am in no way influenced by a commission.  There are free tools, paid tools, low commissions, high commissions  The only thing that influences me is the quality of the product. If it’s not quality it’s not on SaveBusinessTime.

Are you a developer?

No I am an illegitimate Wordpress hacker thanks to Woothemes outstanding support forum.

What is the developer job board all about?

Tons of people ask me where to find quality developers. I even moderated a panel on “How to Find and Hire a Developer” for TechZulu and Digital LA for Silicon Beach Fest. You can check out the video of that panel here, http://techzulu.com/how-to-find-and-hire-a-developer

…And the “discount club”, what’s that?

Think AAA memberships where you get discounts on all sorts of vendors or the Entertainment Book.  This is a membership with a low annual fee to gain access to discounts on several tools saving you thousands of dollars a year.  It’s not daily deals. It’s ‘I need it now’ and I have an “in” to a better price every day deal.

Where can I find out more about you?

Here, EspreeDevora.com and this is my sneaker photo blog SneaksAttack.com

By the way, what’s your favorite place to learn about how to build an awesome product?

OMG, so glad you asked! ProductPeople.tv It is so so so so awesome. It’s a podcast for people who make their living building beautiful products.  Here’s the review I wrote about them on iTunes…




On wait, one more thing… Zappos made the whole company culture thing super important. Did you set up guidelines for SaveBusinessTime?

Actually 37Signals said it perfectly, so I decided to borrow theirs…

37signals philosphies

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