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What to use to know who has Twitter Influence? | Save Business Time

What to use to know who has Twitter Influence?

Twitter Influence

I have my personal Twitter account @espreedevora with some twitter influence, but I want to start growing the @savebiztime account.  Starting from scratch, it’s like ‘where do I begin’… and why would I just not use my regular Twitter account that already has a few thousand bad ass followers?  I figure my following doesn’t necessarily want to hear about cool web app nerd chatter up the ying yang so I wanted the Save Business Time Twitter account to be dedicated to product people  exclusively for nerd twitter conversations.

My first mission out to sea was to find the right tool to manage it all.  Maybe something to see who the app developers and the people with twitter influence are out there. The results were overwhelming. I got Klout, Follower Wonk, Social Bro, Topsy, Commun.it and Hoot Suite. And in the old days I used to use Tweet Deck, is that still people’s go to to monitor Twitter? I dunno. I was like ‘Shit, how do I know which one I want and just be done with it.’ I wanted to spend my time easily meet cool people and conversing, not setting up and paying for all sorts of new tools. Afterall, I’m just starting out. I am not trying to add to my expenses.

So I start going through them all… it was kinda overwhelming, but I filtered them out by price.  I knew I just wasn’t ready to take on an expense for something I didn’t know if I really needed.  I have no problem paying if it adds a ton of value to my work life (ie Contactually), but I don’t want to pay ‘just because’. I also looked to see if I could add a team members thinking maybe my virtual assistant would log in from time to time to make sure I don’t miss anything.  And I wanted a tool where I could quickly know the follower count of people.

I hear AWESOME things about HootSuite, Klout is super popular and Follower Wonk is a SEO Moz tool so I was tempted to pay for that because they have such a credible reputation, but I kept looking… Social Bro and Topsy I didn’t dig deep into. I opted to try out Commun.it. It’s free with upgraded features if I wanted to pay.  I couldn’t have a teammate, but I am not big enough to worry about that.     Integration was suuuppppeeerrr easy. Just needed to be logged into my Twitter account.  They use this cool tool called Walk Me to give a tour on what to click on and what things mean in their dashboard.  I actually found it fun.  Especially dug their search feature because it quickly gives me all this intel.  Stoked it’s free.  They have the ability to add multiple accounts, but I’d have to pay for that for now having one twitter account in their system  is just fine. I can add keywords for type of people I want to meet and also trying stuff related to my company.  Pretty rad.

Later in the day…. okay scratch that on the free plan… It was great I saw who I wasn’t following that I should be, “Hi Joy :)”community manager but then saw I got this spammy looking imprint of “insight by commun.it” on my tweet, 🙁 sorry Commun.it which can only be removed with a pro plan  so I just gave in and paid because tweets with solicitations are just gross. Makes sense that they did that though.  Hey, it made me want to pay. Right now they have a 30% discount so perfect timing right.   Plus I have 14 days to change my mind and downgrade back to the free plan before I am charged if I find I am just not using it at all.


twitter conversationsCommun.it is awesome.  Free and Paid plans. I think it’s gonna come in super handy and most importantly be really fun to use. I am gonna use that in combination with RowFeeder, a tool I’ve used for years to find awesome people to reach out too and learn from. Rowfeeder let’s me track keywords, just as this tool does, but with Rowfeeder the tweets having those keywords  are automagically imported into a google spreadsheet for me. Now I just need to set a limit to how long I stay in the Twitterverse each day or I can see all my time being gobbled up.

  • Free and paid plans
  • Ability to group twitter profiles
  • Keyword tracking to generate new relevant relationships
  • Intelligence to know how to follow
  • Easily see people’s profile info and follower count
  • Super quick to follow people
  • Easy to communicate with people
  • Get the pro plan if you don’t want to advertise Commun.it on your tweets
Check out Commun.it

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