Welcome to Save Business Time

“Being rich is having money; being wealthy is having time.” ~ Margaret Bonanno

This is your secret entry way into SaveBusinessTime. Just a reminder, this is a curated site of the absolute best business tools for start ups to get things done faster.  I want your experience researching the web tools to be based on authentic information in order to streamline your journey growing your business.

Remember, it’s still a work in progress so your feedback is everything. My all time favorite entrepreneurial style is Jason Fried’s company, 37signals.com… so the rules I am following to build this site are based on his company philosophies as you can see below. If you have any questions at all feel free to reach out. Would love to hear from you. My personal twitter is @espreedevora , SBT twitter is @SaveBizTime and my email and phone number are here.

As for my fave business tool… I have a ton that make my heart flutter, but as you know from my videos Shoeboxed is what kickstarted my love for web tools.

 Be sure to bookmark this link http://www.savebusinesstime.com/welcome-to-savebusinesstime because it’s the only way to access the site 🙂

I suggest starting out by going to the startup business categories here. Have fun! Hope this more than helps make your life easier. Building and growing a startup is far from easy.

Here’s to making the impossible, possible.


The 37 Signals philosophies I mentioned above…


37signals philosphies