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Writing tools reduce anxiety? Ommwriter vs Draftin | Save Business Time

Writing tools reduce anxiety? Ommwriter vs Draftin


Social networking sometimes heightens my cloudy brain and ignites anxiety.  My brain is firing off sparks like an engine that is misfiring in a thunderstorm. Calming my mind is impossible unless I force myself to meditate , something I am in no mood to do. Anxiety is the worst; my heart gets tight, breath thin, muscles stiff, mind loud. All I want to do is calm down to write, feel grounded and centered. How am I supposed to work in a physical warzone?

I started looking into writing tools.

My girlfriend had sent me OmmWriter the other day and I didn’t think much of it. Weeks ago another friend showed me FocusatWill to combat ADD through productivity music. Yesterday, while reading a blog post about how to get customers for a start up, I discovered DraftIn. All these tools to focus, to write. Which one will be right for me?

Here is the consensus…

OmmWriter is a great place to clear mind and just write.

I am typing on OmmWriter this moment listening to a peaceful zen track, (one of 8 options I can choose from). Omm takes over my screen in a cleansing way and with just the click of command H I can hide Omm and also with the same keys reopen it with ease. So far I am loving it, feeling oxygen begin to encompass my full body again and see the words flow from my mind. I choose to enlarge the text, (4 size options), so it’s easy on my eyes and I selected the font, (5 options), I felt fit my mood best. This is perfect to reclaim my center and be productive. The cons are that I can’t format words; italics which I use often to express myself and bolding. It’s a straight up zen text editor. No exporting to Word or Pages or importing to Google Drive. Just TXT, RTF and PDF. I’m thinking what will probably happen is I’ll copy the text created in Omm and paste, (or upload), it into Draftin to make pretty, link up and shower with images.


Screenshot of OmmWriter


Before I settled on OmmWriter for today’s work I tried out Draftin. Draftin is indeed awesome for collaboration and document organization, specifically for keeping track of changes.

It is far more advanced and feature rich with Evernote, Google Drive, Box and Dropbox integrations. The syncing was really simple to do. I am a hardcore Evernote user syncing my phone to my desktop to my tablet in addition to web use. I love that I can start writing a document on my Evernote from my Android, which is where I am writing my book, and then open Draftin when back on my computer and easily continue working on that file from my Evernote account, ditto with Dropbox, Box and Google Drive.

Draftin has these cool analytics to report on my word count across all my blog posts, Omm has character and word count as well, and  shows me how often my blog posts have been shared on Twitter. Overall, it seems the main advantage of Draftin is being able to collaborate with friends, collegues or professional writers Draftin hooks me up with. Haven’t tried out that feature just yet, but seems very useful.

professional copy editors


I love how all changes can be tracked and organized in separate views so that changes are clear. In Google Drive transitions do get lost. Also they have a Chrome extention to quickly create a new document or open one while browsing the net. I look forward to exploring the extension in action.

I bet you could use Draftin with Focus at Will, that tool I mentioned above that plays music targeting productivity , so the two tools together simulate Omm, but the way Omm takes over the screen is pretty nice. Plus I like the sound of the keyboard keys and the simplicity of the limited features in Omm.

I got through writing this post! Obviously this OmmWriter writing tool is working. YAY.  I was a mental Facebooking ADD mess moments before I began writing. Thank you Omm! Onward and upward Draftin… will take you out on a coffee date soon.

Update: ‘our date’ happened sooner than I thought

…. Okay so now I have exported the text file from OmmWriter and imported it into Draftin, which is where I am currently typing away. I have Focus at Will open in tandem to maintain my tranquility. Was bummed the music from Omm disappears when I am not working in the program. Would love the consistency. I wonder why I should type in here (Draftin) rather than just directly into my blog platform as formatting from here may be an extra step I don’t need to take, but I guess if I was planning on having people collaborate with me on this review I would love working in this program. Let’s see, going to link Focus at Will. How easy will it be… Okay, pretty easy, but prefer just doing it in my WordPress blog. What else, italics. Now I have to remember what words/phrases I wanted to format which is a pain. Wish Omm had more formatting options. Draftin doesn’t take over my entire screen, but it is pretty clean. Here’s a screen shot…

Screenshot of Draftin

Screenshot of Draftin


Ohhh, I had tons of options for importing an image from Instagram to Flickr to Box and all the others including from my computer of course. Draftin even has a to do list feature which I most likely won’t need and is just an extra. I wish more product people followed the simplicity of 37Signals building features only after many people demand them, not just because the features can be built.

Anyway, I am digging this writing tool. It’s a nice little time saver. Still think I’ll be writing from within my blogging platform (WordPress), unless I am working on an article, not a blog post, then I’ll use this Draftin.

P.S. Looks like Draftin can only export in TXT too :/ and it’s hard to search my Evernote notebooks (since I have many) when exporting to my Evernote. Hmmmm


Ommwriter and Focus at Will are ADD battle heroes.

Draftin is awesome for collaborating on a document.

If you are working on a book or screenplay give Scrivener a try.  That’s a whole other blog post for another time so for now here’s what Tim Ferriss has to say about using Scrivener to write a best selling book.

Excerpt from the Four Hour Work Week blog:

[TIM: I typically break my books into 3-5 “sections” which are then broken down into chapters. I use the program Scrivener to map this out. Each chapter has a beginning, middle, and end like a magazine article. Each of them should be independently self-sufficient. This makes the book easier for me to write if I hit a block… and it makes the book easier to read. I can write chapters out of order, and readers can consume them out of order.]

Happy writing! 

Check out OmmWriter Check out Draftin Check out Focus@Will


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